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Making Moments Magical [Jan. 19th, 2012|05:10 am]
[Current Mood |nostalgicnostalgic]

I've got one of those memories locked in, an anecdote if you will, which every time I tell I begin with "I'll never forget this time that..." but I might as well record it now on the off chance that some day I might forget.

First real job I ever had (outside of babysitting/housesitting) was working for Regal Entertainment Group at the Bella Bottega in Redmond. When selling movie tickets, especially on a Friday or Saturday night when the lines of people extend so far that there's a traffic issue, I would get into a machine-like trance while ringing tickets in. Customers didn't have faces, only voices. "2 students for Spiderman." 2 student tickets - "One adult and one child for Finding Nemo." One adult ticket, one child ticket. But if you just said "2 for Shrek" then I rang in 2 adult tickets for Shrek.

Welp, one day, I made just that mistake. A man with his daughter, about 5 or 6 years old, ordered "2 tickets" from me. I made my mindless zombie motions, rang in 2 adults tickets, charged his credit card and sent them on their way. As they walked away from me, and towards the main entrance, I happened to look up and notice the size of the customers I just sold tickets to. Luckily, the entrance closest to my sales window is also closest to the entrance to the box office. I ambushed them as they walked into the main building: "Oh, hey, um, I accidentally rang in two adult tickets for you guys instead of one adult, one child. So if you give me one back, it'll just be a second and I'll refund you the difference." As I darted back into the box office, I noticed father kneeling down beginning with "Did you hear that?"

When I emerged with their refund the little girl, with an ear-to-ear grin, says to me "You thought I was a grown up!"
Me: "Oh, uh..."
Father: "Today is her birthday."
Me: "Ohh! Well, yes! Yes, I sure did. Whew, good thing I figured it out in time, though."

What are the odds that I would accidentally sell a child an adult ticket on her birthday? It's the little things, you know?