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A series of events [Jan. 15th, 2015|12:18 pm]
[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]

Many moons ago, my perverted former landlord Terry decided to concoct a lie and tell people that I sucked his dick.
Travis told Steve that I sucked Terry's dick.
Steve and I got drunk one day and he blurted out, "Have you sucked Terry's dick?"
Shocked that such a question would ever be posed to me, I denied the accusation.
Steve said Travis had been the one who told him.
I told Steve that Terry had implied to me that Travis has cheated on Lisa.
To which Steve replied, "Oh, I know for a fact he has."
After which, I forced Travis to confess his transgressions to Lisa.
(This was back when I considered Lisa a friend, and I promised to tell her if he didn't)
Nowadays, Travis is my boss every Saturday night. He deliberately uses his power to fuck me over in subtle ways which go unnoticed by anybody not looking for it, and in ways that, if called out, could be explained away to our boss to make these things appear coincidental and unintentional. And unpunishable. But the truth is I arbitrarily do more busy work and make less money whenever he's running the show.

All because my ex-landlord lied about me sucking his dick.