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Netflicked [May. 19th, 2010|05:23 pm]
[Current Mood |blankblank]
[Current Music |Rescue Me]

Thank god I didn't have Netflix to stream 4 years ago. I may never have earned a degree. So many good movies/shows to watch and are more fun than homework/studying. Wasting my life away...
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Sex is like air; it's only important when you're not getting any [May. 19th, 2010|02:16 am]
[Current Mood |frustratedfrustrated]
[Current Music |Rescue Me]

Sometimes when I read my old journal entries, I am shocked by how open I was with the internet public. I posted intimate details about my relationships. I can only imagine if I were to write anything remotely similar about my life in the last oh... 3 years, the people I'd be writing about would get incredibly infuriated with me for sharing our lives with the world.

So with that in mind, and a desire to return to the blogosphere (did I just use that word?), I suppose I'll try to keep this to current events. I'm graduating this year. Finalllly. I walk in commencement June 12th, but I won't really really graduate til the end of July (Summer quarter). My lease is up in August. After that, goodbye Ellensburg. Talking about August seems so close, but as long as I'm still in class it feels so far away.

A couple of weeks ago I met a new guy. On the west side. The weekend we met felt pretty neat and fireworky. I kinda likes him. But... sparks have been dwindling since then so it may go nowhere. That's not too personal right? Still current-events like?

No one I know will actually be reading this I think anyway. My friends page is completely blank. Does livejournal have a place anymore? Too many other websites have their own methods of blogging.

Still, I can't imagine I'll ever give up tanya.livejournal.com. Too legit to quit.
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How Satan must have disguised himself amongst all that fruit. [Apr. 21st, 2009|12:17 am]
[Current Mood |sillysilly]
[Current Music |Footloose]

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Dream as if You'll Live Forever [Apr. 12th, 2009|10:22 pm]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[Current Music |Garbage - Milk]

Mom, Tyler, Monica, Kelly and the babies came through town today to spend Easter with Gma and more extended family in Yakima. Today happens to be Gma's 90-billionth birthday. Tyler first showed me a video about the wave of the technological future. Sixth Sense Computers. It's better to watch the video than try to explain it, but it's basically a way to instantly google everything you come across. And instead of taking out your phone/pda/whatever you use, you have preset settings so it knows what you want to google. Then projects onto the surface in front of you and with your hands you mess with it. It's pretty rad. Soon as they start mass producing this shit, everyone will want one.

If you can't see the video I embedded, the link is http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/481.

Then the hilight of the Yakima trip for me was chatting with Uncle Tom about what I'm doing with my life. Which is I am currently getting back into class, B.S. in Flight Technology, Aviation Management specialization. So far I've declared Math Minor, but I'm 90% sure I'll go Physics Minor too. And then, kinda for giggles, I've been entertaining the thought of an Astronomy Minor as well. Though my goal is to be an international airline pilot, some day, I ran out of money to keep up with the Flight Officer specialization and had to downgrade. In the end, I'm pleased with the Major switch. And I'm still allowed to get the training I want here, and at my own pace. Still scraping together funds at the moment though.

Well, Uncle Tom got really excited at hearing "Math" and "Physics." He wants me to look into becoming a Payload Specialist for NASA. He was all kinds of excited about it, and telling me about a friend's daughter who's going this route- no military involvement at all. He's got friends who can get my foot in the door, or can sponsor me, or find scholarships or something. Uncle Tom was talking very fast about a lot of things, and all sorts of excited about it. He's all, "get yourself in outer space! We'll get the whole family together go down and watch you take off. Blah blah it'll be so great!" Haha. He wants to live vicariously through me. I told him I'd look into it and do my best to let him. =)

I mean, when I was a little tike I always dreamed of becoming and astronaut and walking on the moon and all that. But as I grew up it became clear just how fantastical that all really is. Freakin NASA? That and I was always hearing you'd basically have to be an Air Force test pilot first. Military is not for me. But commercial flying- a much easier feat. Who knows?
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The apple falls far from the tree [Jan. 13th, 2009|05:48 am]
[Current Mood |stressedstressed]
[Current Music |Pearl Jam - Better Man]

Plenty on my mind lately. Wish I could sleep, but I can't seem to make myself tired these days until it's too late. Some loose ends are out there that need to be tied, it feels. Part of, somewhat, of a New Year's Resolution is not to leave things like that. Maybe I should explain more.

I was watching the movie Love Actually, and there's a part in Hugh Grant's monologue at the beginning when he mentions that when the planes on 9/11 went down, the phone calls from the people on board were not of hate or revenge. They were all messages of love. This got me thinking that, were I in a hostage situation able to make phone calls before my certain death, I don't really know who I would call. There are several I would want to, things that just need to be said. Though I get the feeling that as soon as I make one call, there will be no hanging up to make another. I gather in this situation it wouldn't be possible to hang up. So then there's the thing to consider, who would suffice to have received a message I have delivered, and who would almost absolutely need to hear it from the source? I have a few speculations on the sort.

So, I'm trying to put myself in this mindset. I don't want to leave loose ends, I'd almost say I need closure. For being someone as uninhibited as myself, I'm lacking the balls to tackle this. I'm afraid of confrontation; but part of tying said loose ends requires addressing some bad blood. We could try to forget about it, but that won't be possible for me if/when I actually attempt to do this. I'm not sure what to do, but what's comforting is that I'm pretty sure the other party doesn't know either. This has been eating at me, and it's got to end. It's not worth all this stress.

At my earliest convenience, I think I'll be forcing myself to tackle this. Though there's nothing convenient about it. Just hope we come out the other side better for it.

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Can't Buy Me Love [Jan. 6th, 2009|08:16 pm]
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]
[Current Music |Ram Jam - Black Betty]

I noticed that my number did not change for all of 2008. I'm not nearly as much of a slut as people say I am! I haven't made the wisest decisions over the last year and a half, but I think that I have learned plenty. While some situations may have sucked, looking back on it I'm glad everything happened the way that it did. I learned things about certain people I would rather have not carried on blindly unknowing. I really am grateful.

Winter Quarter was supposed to start today. I, however, have yet to pay for Fall Quarter and thus am unable to enroll in Winter until that hold on my account is lifted. I'm trying to apply for loans, but I've been selected for verification, which is going to take more time. I've accepted that everyone needs loans to finish school. I get it. Now give them to me so I can be in debt the rest of my life! Ugh. Here's hoping they'll let me enroll knowing that what they're asking of me is going to take more time to get money to them than the add/drop period lasts.

My 4 year plan had me graduating in 2009. But now my 5 year plan has me graduating in 2010 XD. I was kind of upset about it at first, but oh well. I basically took a quarter off, but while I wasn't in school I figured out exactly what I'm going to do. Instead of stick around Ellensburg even longer to instruct at Midstate Aviation forever- I will be moving to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to attend the Gulfstream Training Academy, where life will continue to be awesome. I may never even get a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate.

As far as LiveJournal goes: I am going to try to keep up with this. I'm glad to see that at least the Tanya's of the world are sending me messages asking for my account rather than cleverly trying to reset my password, because that just sends me emails in Russian >.<. I'm sorry, ladies, I created this account when I was 13 so I deserve it! I will do my best to earn it. I know, it's been a year since my last entry. Whoops. It's been a busy year.

I'm regularly playing WoW. My main is a level 80 warlock. It also kind of takes up a big chunk of my time. Speaking of which, my 1500 queue is up now. More later.
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(no subject) [Jan. 5th, 2008|04:41 am]
I played WoW for the first time today. I'm a little embarrassed, but at least all my geeky friends will think I'm cool now... yeah. It was, um, fun. And after much debate, I decided I'm gonna go ahead and get it on my computer. Well I mean, I'm going to have my boyfriend put it on my computer. I have trouble sleeping quite frequently, and WoW will give me something to do rather than tossing and turning. That's something too... I all has boyfriend n stuff. Usually not my thing, but he's kind of a big deal. Well, he's also kind of gay, but good in bed so I'll let that slide for now. AND I'm about to move into a super sweet apartment. The place I've been living in was supposed to be temporary (just to escape the relationship I was in) but by the end of this month I'll have been here for 10 months. Guh. I might as well have signed a lease. But my landlord loves me so he's giving a super good reference...

uh ok it's WoW time so bye
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(no subject) [Sep. 15th, 2007|01:26 am]
[Current Location |redmond, wa]
[Current Mood |awakeawake]
[Current Music |rocky votolato - suicide medicine]

I am currently in Redmond. I had every intention of posting a public entry and a private entry. But I can think of more things to say in the public.

I'm a little tipsy. My parents went down to Vancouver today but my sister n her husband and my brother n his fiancee and I are driving there in the morning for my grandmother's (dad's mother's) funeral. There's no beer in the fridge, because supposedly Uncle Steve drank it all. So I've been tapping the bourbon and coke. Dad buys Old Ezra 101 proof. My other option was tequila and that's not gonna happen. I don't feel like I've been drinking that much - it's hard to drink THAT much of this stuff because even when I mix it with coke I still feel like I'm drinking a straight shot. But I think dad will notice the level of his bottle.

I haven't cried yet solely because of grandma's death. I know I'm a bad person. I never enjoyed being around her. I never really got to know her. She was more of a nuisance than anything else to me. It seems like with everyone in my family (save for, on occasion, my siblings) we ooze nothing but small talk. I hate small talk to begin with. How many times in a night can I tell someone else I barely know how I've been going to college, I fly airplanes, and I work in a casino, and it's really all just great - can't possibly be enjoying life more..? Well, the last few times I saw grandma Marion, she wouldn't even support the small talk. She'd ask me how things are. I'd spew the usual garbage. Then I would reciprocate and the appropriate answer was "fine." But not lately. She'd say "oh not good" and then barrage me with tales of her explosive diarrhea and difficulty walking. I never got to know her. I know I should have tried harder. But I couldn't bring myself to converse with her.

I guess I felt the same way about dad's father. I did not enjoy those conversations. I don't want to get old. Then again, that's assuming that I'm not already boring.

I'm too gone to finish this. Bored again. I won't even make it to a private entry. Well, maybe a sentence or 2.
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tanyagivesrimjobs [Aug. 1st, 2007|06:56 pm]
[Current Mood |amusedawesome]
[Current Music |Stephen Lynch - Hermaphrodite]

Last night was UH-mazing. First off, I passed my instrument EOC in the morning [way too early in the morning--8 AM-1 PM] so I'm basically an instrument pilot now. I'm getting my temp license tomorrow at noon. After work we decided to play the 300 movie drinking game. Holy shit I was not prepared for THAT much hotness. They tried to make me drink everytime I saw a hot guy and I told them to fuck right off. Well... I don't know HOW it came up exactly... I think I was giving Keith shit about what a homo he is and Nate just pipes up with an "I can't keep this a secret any longer." We all think he's about to come out of the closet, but no, his next words are "We have this Fantasy Football League at the casino. There's 10 of us guys involved in it and I know it's going to come out eventually... I'm pretty sure Little John's team name is Tanya gives rim jobs."

Laughter roared through the apartment. Keith about pissed his pants standing in the kitchen. Nate said it was like all one word "tanyagivesrimjobs" so you have to say it fast. I was nearly in tears... and I couldn't stop giggling about it the rest of the night. Zach went out to smoke and walked back in giggling about tanyagivesrimjobs and saying he's going to shake John's hand for that genius. I kept askin "why? Why me? I like... never talk to John. Barely know the guy. Why?" Everyone assured me it's because I'm a bitch. Keith took the opportunity to bring up that people think I'm more of a bitch than they do that Keith is gay. He said "At least there's no team called Keith is a fanny bandit." We were all rolling... but I think Zach almost died at that comment. He was so red. And assured us that he's not going to call Keith by anything other than "fanny bandit" from now on.

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Everyone hail to the pumpkin song [Jul. 29th, 2007|05:29 am]
[Current Mood |scaredscared]
[Current Music |This IS Halloween]

The other day I was exposed to this video. It's Marilyn Manson's remake of "This Is Halloween" from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. Supposedly Tim called him up and told him the idea he had for remaking the song and Manson was just like "Yeah. I'll do it. No money. Let's do this." I've also heard that it's spawned from the upcoming remake of the original Halloween movie. It is quite possibly the most evil thing to penetrate my ear hole.

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